Holiday Welding Projects: 2 Christmas Trees You Can Weld

One of the finest parts of being a welder is being able to put your skills to operate in non-traditional methods. Throughout the year we like to highlight holiday welding tasks, and December is no exception. Whether you choose to cut a fresh evergreen or carry out a synthetic model, many homes in America show a Christmas tree during the vacation season.

This month, we desire to reveal to you 2 methods you can weld your own Christmas tree using horseshoes, rebar, and some standard welding abilities.

Horseshoe Christmas Tree Welding Project

Horseshoes are an exceptionally popular welding material, as they are easy to work with and budget-friendly. You’ll require 19 horseshoes for this job, 4 for the base, and 16 for the tree itself.

If you’re working with used horseshoes start by cleaning them up and removing the nails. When your horseshoes are tidy and ready to go, set out your tree and mark your welds. You’ll wish to offset your horseshoes, beginning with a row of 5 along the bottom, then 4 in the 2nd row, 3 in the 3rd row, 2 in the fourth row, and one horseshoe at the top.

Tack bonded your horseshoes into location one row at a time until your piece is strong as soon as you have your task laid out. Next, bonded one horseshoe in the center, below your row of 5, this will permit you to weld your tree to the stand. To develop your stand, organize and weld 3 horseshoes into a clover shape before attaching your single horseshoe to your base.

Rebar Christmas Tree Welding Project

If you’re looking for an easy, scalable welding job, this rebar tree fits the costs. All you’ll require for this project is a rebar, a MIG welding device, clamps, and a mill. Success depends on the preparation, so begin by choosing how tall and broad you desire your tree and utilize this to produce measurements for your task and cut your rebar accordingly.

Start by welding your base, using 4 pieces of equal length to guarantee your tree will be strong and stand up directly. As you move through the task, you’ll desire to cut and attach your main branches, using longer pieces of rebar on the bottom of your tree and tapering up as you go.

Finish your piece by grinding your tips smooth and painting the rebar green, if you wish to color. Now it’s time to decorate by including accessories, a metal star, or a tree skirt. This welding task can be utilized as your primary family tree, a lighted outdoor decoration, or as a little tabletop piece.