Home Welding Projects For Your Holiday Table or Dining Room

The vacations are here, signaling not just the time for gift-giving however amusing too. This month at Baker’s Gas and Welding, our project post centers around welding projects for the table. Each concept works for amusing and makes a terrific present concept also. Keep checking out to find out more.

Trivet Welding Project

In case you do not understand, a trivet is truly simply a fancy, metal potholder you utilize when serving hot meals at the table. If you’d like to produce a couple of on your own or as Christmas presents, we have a simple project for you consisting totally of square metal tubing.

We advise 1/2 inch square metal tubing for this project, which you will build as an X, with a box around it and 4 little feet on the bottom.

To get going, sketch out the measurements for your trivet. You’ll desire it to easily hold your typical pot, so an 8-inch square is a concept measurement however you can adapt to your taste. Initially, construct your X by welding 2 smaller sized pieces to one long piece.

Next, produce a package around your inner X and surface by including the feet, which ought to have to do with a 1/2 inch high. Prior to you end up, grind all edges smooth, specifically the bottoms of the feet to guarantee your trivet safeguards the table and does not scratch it.

Welded Wine Rack Project

Trying to find a location to save your vacation red wine? Why not bond a little, tabletop wine cellar for simple gain access to in the dining-room. Start by developing the measurements for your rack, making sure that the spacing for the bottles deals with the typical 750ml bottle, which is 3 1/2 inches in size and 12 inches high.

For this project, you’ll require 3/4 by 1 1/2 inch square metal tubing for the back base of your welding rack and 1/2 inch, square, strong bar stock for your rack part. Each rack will be a rectangular shape which will hold one bottle and connect to the back part of your rack. Start by cutting your pieces to size and put together the assistance rectangular shape that will hold your every bottle of red wine. Make certain that your base is broader than your rack pieces to guarantee stability.

You might wish to develop a jig for this project that you can utilize on your table to quickly square off each rack. Start by tack welding together each piece of the rack part and after that connecting them to your assistance piece. Grind smooth prior to you end up and leave your rack with a sleek, commercial appearance.