Welding Table for Woodworkers: Metal Base Coffee Table

Add a brand-new measurement to your work with a couple of fundamental abilities and an affordable machine.

Woodworkers are signing up with the welding renaissance that’s occurring amongst makers. Comprehending the fundamentals of welding is essential when you start welding. Here’s how to integrate stunning bonded frames into your furnishings utilizing easy styles and simply a couple of tools. In truth, you can create total welding established for less than$1,000.

The Fundamentals

Stick, MIG, and TIG are the 3 unique systems of welding, and each technique the 3 primary parts(arc, filler, and flux) of welding in a different way. The arc (part 1)is developed when an electrical circuit is finished. This high-amperage circuit melts the stock you’re welding and includes more product through the filler. Stick welding creates the arc through the filler rod, MIG welding through the wire feed, and TIG through the torch.

Numerous skilled welders state that it’s finest to discover on a stick maker so that you establish a feel for managing the arc by hand then transfer to MIG and TIG. MIG and TIG procedures normally produce the greatest quality, visually pleasing welds in tough products such as stainless steel or aluminum.

With stick welding, filler product (part 2) is provided through a strong rod that’s covered in flux. On a MIG device, the wire is fed into the weld by pushing the weapon trigger. TIG welding needs manual feeding of a welding rod into the weld that’s developed by a different TIG torch. TIG is thought about as the most challenging welding system due to the fact that of the coordination needed with both hands.

Arc welding needs a flux(component 3)of some sort to protect the arc from pollutants. With stick welding, the flux coats the filler rod, and absolutely nothing is needed however electrical energy and the rods.

The flux on the rod responds with the arc and develops a gas that guards the puddle. MIG welding utilizes a gas(100 percent co2 or a mix of co2 and argon depending upon the wanted qualities )to develop a flux barrier; TIG welding likewise utilizes gas.

No. Product Length Material Cut List


4 Leg Side 14 1/2 x 2     1 x 1/steel tube

2 Leg Bottom 12 3/4  x 2     1 x 1/steel tube

2 Top Plate 18 x 2   1/steel plate

Flux-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)

There’s a happy medium in between stick and MIG welding called flux-cored arc welding. The system utilizes a MIG maker to auto-feed flux-cored wire into the arc.

Flux is created by the response, much like stick welding, however is as simple as MIG welding. For my store, it’s a fantastic middle-ground due to the fact that I do not need to even think of gas. I simply leave a spindle of.030 ″ flux-cored wire in my maker and I’m all set to go. It’s a reward that flux-cored welding is more tolerant of pollutants on the surface area of the metal than other sorts of welding, conserving preparation time.

For this project, I’ve chosen to utilize the flux-cored system regardless of the reality that the welds aren’t as great looking as another sort of welding. I’m going to grind my welds flat anyhow so there would not be a noticeable distinction in the end. If you choose to leave welds untouched on your metal base, I recommend springing for the gas and go MIG or TIG to get appealing welds.

My maker is a Hobart Handler 140 which suggests it’s capable of providing 140 amps. This specific maker is wired for 115 volts. When you’re in the marketplace for a welder, the very first choice to make is what’s the hardest product you’ll bond with.

For furnishings making, I have a tough time envisioning a day when I require to bond something thicker than 1/ 4″ and my 140 deals with approximately that density with ease. I have actually likewise chosen to utilize flux-core wire so that I do not need to run gas while welding.

My wire is 0.030 ″, a size that is proper for a relatively large range of product sizes. Clean down the whole base with acetone, spray with a guide or a paint/primer combination, and after that an enamel of your option.

You might likewise simply utilize a clear coat or perhaps basic wax if you’d like to keep the commercial appearance. You’ll wish to put some sort of surface on the raw steel or it’ll rust.