High School Welding Class Projects

It’s back to school time throughout the nation, and while lots of instructors are stockpiling on second pencils, lots of trade-focused instructors are stockpiling on metal and welding equipment. High Schools throughout the nation continue to provide necessary trade-skills classes consisting of woodshop and welding.

If you have a trainee taking welding classes this year or teach a trade-welding class at the high school level, this post might be found in useful. Keep checking out for 2 welding projects particularly tailored to high school trainees.

Bike Rack Welding Project

From primary to high school, numerous trainees prevent the bus by riding their bikes to school in reasonable weather condition. Why not grow the abilities of your welding trainees by having them bonded a bike rack for the school? This project is basic and beneficial, quickly tailored to fulfill your school’s storage requirements.

You can have your trainees assist you to create the strategies, however, 1 1/2 steel is a strong product for this project and the rack risers must approximately 2 feet high with roughly 2 1/2 inches in between each upright. Leave 12 inches in between each set of risers to guarantee space for bikes of any size. You’ll desire 2 assistance pieces running the width of your bike rack to guarantee the bike wheels are required upright and in location.

This project can be as easy or as innovative as you like! Enable your trainees to dream and after that motivate them to persevere.

Pencil Cup Welding Project

Trainees like a project they can take house to reveal their moms and dads. That makes this pencil cup an excellent project to begin the academic year, particularly if you have a great deal of remaining square tubing lying around your store or class. This project will assist your trainees to discover how to bond numerous beads, back to back, as they grow their new welding abilities.

Have your trainees begin by cutting their metal tubing into pieces of differing heights that vary from approximately 3-4 inches (no taller than a pencil, however high adequate to hold one.) Next, utilizing clamps and care, you’ll wish to have each trainee thoroughly grind down their edges so as not to draw blood when grabbing a composing utensil.

The initial step of welding this project is to connect the pieces of metal tubing together, all in a row. Developing the “holder” part of your pencil cup. Continue to bond on each piece of tubing, grinding all welds smooth as you go. You’ll wish to include a metal base plate to your project to guarantee you can move it without losing your pen and pencils in the procedure.

When your piece is bonded and ground smooth, you have a helpful pencil cup that functions as a paperweight. You can permit your trainees to paint it, however, it does look quite fantastic left in its raw, metal coloring.

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