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Welding Junk (into Funk!)

Joanie and Maureen welding something good
Joanie, cuttin’ it up (or maybe welding something up) with our operations manager Maureen

This past September Arc-Zone, with our PRO Partners initiated a “Junk to Funk” welding contest on Instagram. Each PRO Partner was given a collection of scrap metal parts (each package was identical) and they were each tasked with welding the pieces into something. Over three weeks, the PRO Partners shared pictures of their welded works in progress with the hashtag #junktofunk on Instagram… then, when their creations were completed we gave them away.

The Arc-Zone team had so much fun with the #junktofunk welding project we decided to do our own in-house holiday edition. Thanks to Joanie Butler (our in-house PRO Partner) she’s got the whole team cuttin’ metal and burnin’ rod! And everyone, from our warehouse staff to the customer care team, and even our accountant are participating. In fact we even got my daughter welding!

If you want to get involved, join us on Instagram (@arc_zone), weld something out of scrap, take a photo, and upload it to Instagram with the #junktofunk hashtag and maybe we’ll showcase your welding masterpiece to our 10,000 plus followers!

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