Metal Welding Art: Moving Metal with Bill McCann

Like numerous, for Bill McCann, the basic desire to develop things out of metal is what triggered his interest in welding. He initially found out to gas weld when he was 18 at a pal’s store in Wyandotte, Michigan. In his twenties, he took a stick welding class, which caused a profession in TIG welding. Now 70 years young, and retired, he still bonds; he still likes moving the metal around. Costs entered the Arc-Zone Ultimate Welding Showroom one day to acquire some products, and we’ve seen a few of his deal with Instagram, and we were so pleased we wished to discover more.

The information and tidy lines of these small bikes are remarkable!

McCann chooses TIG welding nowadays and utilizes a Miller ® Dynasty TIG Runner (his existing preferred piece of equipment in his store). He bonds with a Weldcraft WP-280 TIG torch and utilizes a drill press, hand drill, and a range of sanders and mills on the routine.

Perhaps it’s his background as an expert drafter, however, Bill especially delights in conceiving the piece he is preparing and being innovative. Among his preferred welding projects ever was developing turbos for dune buggies for drag automobile racer, Bruce Mcdowell.

We chose to put Bill’s imagination to the test and asked what tool he would make to fix a metalworking issue. He developed 2: an Auto-Focusing Welding helmet for TIG and a TIG torch that you might change the amperage based upon how difficult you squeeze the deal with.

Despite the fact that welding is leisure for Bill, he still takes security really seriously. In addition to the security fundamentals of covering, using a helmet, coat, and gloves, he includes a respirator and ear security.

Finest suggestions he ever got? Do not be too crucial of yourself. Great suggestions we need to all take!