Say Bye-bye To Costly Weld Repairs With 100% WPS Compliance

No matter who you are, what you do, or where you remain in the world, you are never ever far from a weld. Individuals may not constantly understand it when they set about their company, however, premium welding has a day-to-day function in our developed environments. Welds hold structures, ships, and steel frames concealed within walls firmly together.

In other words, welds form an important part of the facilities of society, affecting millions upon countless lives every day. Individuals count on physical structures for security– every day. That’s why the function and duty of manufacturers and producers are progressively highlighted and shown in tightening up welding requirements.


We’re all knowledgeable about NDT techniques, from visual assessment to X-rays. Although NDT techniques can expose air bubbles and fractures on the surface area, they do not find definitely whatever. To the naked eye, the weld can look completely great and well within the requirements of the WPS. However, if the heat input has actually been expensive, the granules might be too huge.

This will likely trigger the weld to break at some time. In spite of extensive assessments, losers often make their method to oil well out on the ocean blue or gas pipelines on unwelcoming tundra. It’s a mishap waiting to take place– and when a weld breaks due to ecological or other tensions, you might have an ecological catastrophe to handle.

Numbers do not lie

To keep less than ideal welds far from essential facilities, the quality management of welding production itself should be superior. You need to capture any discrepancies prior to they leave the production to keep your consumers and your bottom line delighted.

You desire numbers, right? Here’s one: 400 euros. That’s the expense of repairing simply one meter of malfunctioning welding. It consists of:

  • preparation of the rework treatment
  • the time needed to move the malfunctioning part to the repair workplace
  • time to move the welder from one area to another
  • arc gouging or grinding
  • heat treatment
  • repair work welding
  • re-inspection by an independent 3rd party and reporting

Now, envision avoiding all of that inconvenience.

Here’s another figure: 100%. That’s the level of traceability any welding production supervisor wishes to see. It’s likewise what WeldEye for Welding Quality Management can do. It’s a universal software application option for confirming welding quality compliance with the WPS. By gathering welding criterion information digitally, the system produces important details about standard quality paperwork products with weld-specific traceability.

You will likewise be right away informed about any welding variances, which makes it possible for real-time quality assurance, and eventually minimizes overhead expenses.