Can You Afford To Ignore The Value Of Welding Knowledge?

The welding production chain is complex. Besides the real welding work, one needs to think about resource preparation, welding treatment, and credentials management, documents, WPS compliance, standardization, and requirements.

And the list goes on.

A welding management software application was produced to handle and enhance the intricate nature of this multi-dimensional procedure. Our claim is that insight produces worth. Often the advantages of a system impacting lots of points in a procedure are challenging to explain. That is why we chose to boil everything down to a white paper revealing genuine numbers and raw information from a real business that is currently gathering the worth. Prior to diving into all of the possibilities, we want to leave you with 2 extremely concrete numbers.

40-percent-reduced-repair-rates The repair work expense for welding problems acknowledged throughout Non-Destructive Testing is a substantial quantity of cash, specifically when built up. The capability to acknowledge the variances throughout welding minimizes the total repair work expenses considerably. What if you could minimize the repair work rate by 40%?


Consider the time and expenses your business spends on welding paperwork. What if you could crank up the speed of your documents procedure by 70%?

The concern is, can you actually pay to disregard the worth of welding understanding?

Get up to speed with the competitors and download the white paper with information from genuine business cases to learn precisely how insight produces worth.