Economic Benefits of Recycling Scrap Metal

The financial advantages of recycling scrap metal might not constantly show up, however, when you look listed below the surface area, the scrap metal recycling market has its effect on the economy.

Last month, significant seller Walmart revealed that it was making a company dedicated to performing a brand-new vision: a more powerful dedication to recycling pre-owned products.

Their promise likewise consisted of the growth of its use of renewable resource sources by setting up photovoltaic panels at a lot of their places and eventually providing its international operations with 50 percent renewable resource by 2025.

For this big merchant, it’s an acknowledgment that today, recycling is a huge service, one that’s making a big effect on an international scale. It was likewise an acknowledgment by a leading company that recycling assists make a substantial contribution to the U.S. economy, and to our environment.

The ecological advantages of recycling are popular. Take scrap metal as an example. Keeping scrap metals out of our landfills is cleaner and much healthier for our environment given that they consist of hazardous products like mercury and lead that can pollute the soil and water. And we understand that recycling scrap metal permits it to be utilized to make brand-new items.

However what’s less understood is how essential this market is to our total economy. The U.S. recycles approximately 130 million lots of product annually. That’s assisted to produce $117 billion every year in financial activity and has actually produced more than 500,000 tasks, according to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries.
That really is “Big Business.”

How Does the Scrap Metal Industry Contribute to Our Economy?

economic benefits of recycling scrap metal

The financial advantages of recycling scrap metal are obvious. Today, scrap is a multi-billion-dollar market and a big factor for the recycling market worldwide, and it stays near the top of the financial supply chain. Even as the economy has actually gone through low and high durations over the previous years, scrap recycling has actually shown to be an extremely resistant market and one that’s assisted to drive our economy. This’s been especially real as the worldwide economy has actually gotten more powerful in the last few years. This financial boom has actually led to significant public and personal financial investment in a brand-new industrial buildings, brand-new facilities projects, and increased production of customer items varying from vehicles to house devices.

Making use of recycled scrap metal has actually made it possible for this large variety of projects to hold down structure expenses while keeping all of that recycled products out of landfills.

In truth, the scrap recycling market is typically the very first link in the production chain. The health of the scrap recycling market can frequently be viewed as a leading indicator of the total health of the U.S. economy.

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries launched an Economic Impact Study reporting that these market assists produce more than $105 billion in financial activity each year, providing a considerable contribution to the economy when it pertains to work and producing tax income at the state and regional level.

That financial activity really does consist of strong task development– which implies not just direct tasks within the market itself however indirect ones too.

For instance, as the report kept in mind, the recycling market is accountable for producing 471,587 tasks in the U.S. alone, which includes almost 150,000 direct tasks in centers that process scrap products into brand-new, functional products.

And there are actually numerous countless indirect tasks being developed, from markets that provide the equipment, devices, and services to ditch recycling processors.

There are likewise countless tasks developed within the production and building and construction markets due to the accessibility of recycled products, which assist hold down the expense of producing brand-new items.

We likewise understand that our economy takes advantage of the scrap metal recycling market in other methods, consisting of:

  • More than $4.4 billion in state and regional earnings being produced each year;
  • More than $6.8 billion in federal taxes that the market pays each year;
  • Exporting, which represents 26.8 percent of the market’s financial activity, which assists to develop approximately 125,000 jobs.

The bottom line is there’s a great deal of worth this market gives the American economy. And as the international economy continues to grow, there’s rather a little bit of future development capacity in this market. How Does Scrap Recycling Contribute to a Circular


There is a lot of items that our country’s plants produce in huge quantities. And not remarkably, a great deal of scrap that comes out of those assembly lines, building websites and producing plants. We produce big quantities of scrap in the United States– more than 150 million metric heaps every year, consisting of more than 85 million lots of iron and steel– and big quantities of aluminum, copper, stainless-steel, lead, and zinc. Without recycling, this would represent a big financial drain. Scrap metal that gets thrown out is a lost item– not to point out lost revenues for lots of makers.

It likewise develops a horrible ecological difficulty if all that scrap gets sent out to landfills. Recycling uses a clever method to re-invest that scrap back into our economy.

Companies that have scrap can generate income by offering it to a knowledgeable recycling company like GLE Scrap Metal, while likewise assisting to get rid of possibly harmful products from our garbage dumps. Offering their scrap likewise enables the business to make back a few of the preliminary financial investment they spent for the metal they required, especially if they wind up with a good quantity that does not get utilized and may otherwise be thrown away.

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  1. I wasn’t aware that recycling scrap metal actually has a positive effect on the economy which is great. Since the ecological advantages are popular, it makes sense that there are other benefits as an effect as well. If scrap metal is a multi-billion dollar market, I think it would be best if we contribute as well and have our construction scrap picked up by a good service.

  2. Wow! I had no idea that the scrap metal recycling industry pays $6.8 billion in federal taxes each year. That’s a lot of metal and a lot of money. I guess all that recycled material must be getting put to good use.

  3. My husband does a lot of metalworking, and he always ends up with a lot of metal he can’t use. I have been wondering what we could do with all of the extra metal. I really like how you mentioned that keeping scrap metal out of the landfills keeps them cleaner and is healthier for our environment. I will have to make sure that we try to recycle all of the unusable metal we have. Thank you for all the tips and information!

  4. Thank you for helping me learn more about the benefits of recycling scrap metal. It was interesting when you mentioned that there is around 150,000 tasks directly related to making new products out of the scraps. That is a lot of tasks being produce from simply recycling scrape metal.

  5. Very sad the major scrap yard in Anchorage Alaska doesn’t pay anything for iron they expect you to donate it to them and they make the money off it. Its no wonder there’s so many junk vehicles abandoned around.

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