4 Welding Projects Money Making That Bring in Extra Cash

Whether welding is your main occupation or a side hobby, lots of welders are trying to find a method to make a little bit of extra money through welding. As your welding skills grow so will your tool collection, enabling you to finish custom-made tasks and welding jobs with ease and precision. Here are a couple of welding jobs that will bring in additional cash that might even help you get brand-new tools for your shop:

Stair & Railing Welding Projects

Outside metal fencing, deck rails, and interior stair banisters are fashionable, tough and easy to take care of. You’ll have a flourishing side business prior to you understand it if you can grow your skill in making these custom pieces. The majority of these tasks utilize wrought iron or steel tubing and can be personalized and formed into detailed styles or left simple and streamlined.

Prior to you begin, it’s essential to acquaint yourself with the component pieces and safety guidelines for railings and stairs. OSHA has various height requirements for railings depending upon what the pieces is and how they will be used. Imagine making a whole set of stair parts just to discover that your work does not fulfill code.

Industrial or Modern Shelving & Furniture.

One ensured a way to earn money welding is by utilizing found products such as bed frames, scrap steel, pipelines and equipment to weld custom industrial furnishings and shelving. You can create custom pieces to order or create a variety of racks, tables, and carts to cost a farmer’s market or artisan program.

The contemporary industrial appearance is extremely popular in workplaces, homes and dining establishments. If you can handle to produce quality pieces in a good price variety, you’ll remain in the loan in no time. 1″ steel tubing is a popular product base for modern furniture pieces as are tidy lines and angles. Stock up on clamps and ideal angle magnets to guarantee you can quickly weld these modern pieces.

Garage Racks & Benches.

Custom-made welded garage benches and racks are durable and highly demanded. Craftsmen are looking for garage workspaces that are difficult, able to hold up task after project. You can start welding for garages by welding a basic tool bench out of ⅛ inch square tube steel with caster plates and wheels at the base, giving it portability around the store.

You can add shelving to this task by utilizing either a sheet or metal or plywood. When you have this basic work table mastered, you can broaden on it to develop customized workspaces for clients, all while padding your bank account.

Vehicle Ramps & Automotive Equipment.

Gearheads and car lovers are always in requirement of custom welded devices like racks and ramps for vehicle repair work and loading. If you can end up being a professional at fixing or fabricating customized ramps, you’ll have a side company that will quickly grow through word of mouth.

You’ll also need a metal slice saw or angle mill with cutoff wheels, clamps and other fundamental welding tools for the project. If you’re using a MIG welder, stick with .030 -.035 steel wire to match the demands of the task.