How to Choose a Table: Welding Table Plans

Whether you’re a knowledgeable professional or a novice in welding, the quality of your welding table can considerably impact your project results. These work surfaces are developed to withstand incredibly high-temperature levels and support high-power equipment.

Choosing the right table for your requirements can be difficult, sometimes, specifically if you do not know what you’re looking for or what to look for in the very first location. Today, we’ll cover some of the most common welding table designs. We’ll likewise explain how to find which one works best for you.

For Light-Duty Welders

Those who just sometimes handle small, basic welding projects have a lot easier time discovering an appropriate welding table. A thin sheet of aluminum or steel put on some particle board or a wood table will do the technique. Plywood might be more affordable, but it isn’t perfect, due to how curved big pieces are. Consider discovering a collapsible table to hold on your garage wall if you’re low on a workspace.

These types of “jury-rigged” tables can’t endure much heat. Otherwise, this is an inexpensive table that will fit practically any light-duty welding job.

Stainless-steel Welders

You’re going to need a more specific setup if you’re primarily working with stainless steel welds. Stainless steel doesn’t react well with other metals, so you need to purchase a table made from the same material if you want to prevent cross-contamination. Welding on a carbon steel table will produce iron particles that will cause your final result to rust.

Your standards are even more specific if you’re making food industry devices. The law requires welders making food industry devices to bond on a stainless-steel table just. Anything else can result in fines or perhaps lawsuits.

Purchase a Brand Name Table

Trademark name tables are hands-down your finest choice if you are wanting your dream welding table rather than some wood pallets and bricks. Their rates vary commonly, depending on what you want, ranging from a few thousand to 10s of thousands. It’s a considerable financial investment but is well worth the loan!

We hope this guide has helped you select what type of welding table is ideal for you, however, if you’re still having a hard time making a choice, reach out to us at Quantum Machinery Group. We’ll assist you to find a high-quality name-brand table that won’t break the bank. We have a terrific selection of welding tables for welders of all experience levels.