Some of the Coolest Welding Art Projects You’ll Ever See!

We’re continuously impressed at the cool things individuals are finishing with welding torches and devices. Vigilant is a 3D Metal Sculpture artist. cello

They’re found out in Joshua Tree and they’re making without a doubt the coolest metal welding sculptures you’ve ever seen. And they’re all made by welding stainless-steel and aluminum pieces which is obviously, right up to Joe Welder’s street.

Ric’s child Molly really called us due to the fact that they had actually been having issues with their plasma torch arcing inside the torch head. We hooked them up with a brand name brand-new torch head and consumables so they might keep producing more of their fantastic metal art.

Ric Vigallon has actually produced a few of the most sensational metal art you’ll ever see. Each piece is hand-made by Ric and he concentrates on custom-made orders. They have actually revealed their work at celebrations all over California, so if you get the possibility certainly examine them out. You can see more of their metal art over at their online gallery.