Knife DIY Handmade: Why Handmade Matters

We reside in a world where many things are mass-produced. Not that there is anything always wrong with that. It’s great that some things are manufactured in massive quantities in order to fill an around the world need for them.

It’s likewise wonderful that more people everywhere are beginning to welcome things that are made by hand in little quantities. In case you hadn’t heard, here is why handcrafted matters.

1. Handmade is the New American Manufacturing

The past couple of years have seen a consistent decrease in traditional American manufacturing. It’s sad on one hand. On the other, it has paved the way for a brand-new type of American production … one that embraces human capacity and offers individuals a voice they may not otherwise have. To buy a handmade item is to affirm and offer continuous life to that human voice. When done throughout a community, several times over, a whole city can discover brand-new life. We see it happening all across the country today and it’s making our nation a better place, one neighborhood at a time.

2. It’s Human Nature to Value the Creative Spirit

“Art and love are the same things: It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you.” – Chuck Klosterman

When you buy something someone else made, you yourself are reflected in that purchase. Whether it’s the color, the texture, the shape, or simply the mood you take place to be in, a product that has been crafted as an expression of the imaginative spirit individual who made it is cherished and valued far beyond a product that was made for worldly mass consumption.

3. Handmade Items are Crafted in an Environment of Joy, Honor, and Respect

Their productions are practically constantly made in an area of honor, delight, and respect. Those exact same values somehow find their way into the very fiber of a handmade item.