Hot Dog Kustoms Miller Welding Helmets for Arc-Zone

Miller Welding Helmets At an automobile reveal a couple of months back I got to talking with Pete “Hot Dog “Finlan, the previous painter from West Coast Choppers, about custom-made painting a couple welding helmets for Arc-Zone. I visualized a cool old-fashioned racer style, with gold leaf, metal flake, and pinstriping. Pete, who likewise takes place to be the uncle of Sarah, the Shipping Manager here at Arc-Zone, was up for the task. I provided Pete 2 Miller Digital Elite welding helmets with directions to paint a tailored helmet for me and another helmet that we might hand out to a fortunate Arc-Zone client. I selected the Miller helmet shells due to the fact that of their cool shape, convenience, and lens innovation.

The other day, Pete dropped off the ended up item, and everybody in the workplace was blown away by how fantastic these helmet shells look. The level of information in each of these helmets is mind-boggling. Hotdog is a master at all the old-fashioned designs– flake, gold leaf, pinstriping, lettering, flames, airbrush. There are custom-look welding helmets for sale, however, these are on another level.

Weld Like a Pro Pete, a.k.a. Hot Dog, has actually been producing first-rate custom-made paint tasks because of 1982. Pete started his profession airbrushing surfboards and advanced quickly to master all the different elements of custom-made paint, consisting of airbrush indication paint and pinstriping. For a number of years, Pete worked as the internal painter for West Coast Choppers. Nowadays, Pete stays hectic with numerous custom-made painting tasks through his business, Hot Dog Kustoms, and takes part in painting competitors at vehicle and bike reveals across the country.

The darker orange and blue helmet will be the very first custom-painted helmet shell I’ve ever had in all my years of welding. In the past, I have actually constantly embellished my helmet with sticker labels. I keep in mind back then when my dad and I painted our own welding helmets due to the fact that we desired a customized search for a small budget plan. Having a popular racer painter like Hot Dog paint a welding helmet for me was something I just dreamed about at that time. It’s excellent to be Joe Welder!

 Hot Dog Miller Welding Helmets As I make sure you are all questioning, we have huge prepare for one fortunate Arc-Zone consumer to get their hands on the other Hot Dog Kustoms welding helmet, and we will be making that statement quickly. Stay tuned!Hot Dog Kustoms

The helmet is orange with yellow airbrushed flames on the sides, front, and top. On each side is the Arc-Zone. com logo design, and the leading checks out “Weld Like a Pro”. In the front, the helmet is signed by Hot Dog Kustoms and dated 2012.