Primitive but effective knife sharpener

Hi everybody!

It simply takes place to me (actually it’s not reality) that I don’t truly require to write anything, as nobody read it anyhow.

This blog, is a way for me, of keeping an archive of my work and, possibly one day my children will read it and, will know more about me.

However enough with that pleasant thinking. I just recently ended up to develop a knife sharpener (prototype). It is base upon a design that I saw on the internet and I can’t remember the author name. So if it is you, please let me know and I will offer a due credit.

Primitive but effective knife sharpener.

As many of my knives have a distill taper on them, it is really tough to fix them to excellent old knife sharpening system that holds the blade in one area. Plus with that system, it’s easy to switchblade sides as you advance to finer grit honing stone.

Problem is that I am going to visit my family in tomorrow so, I don’t have time to write a complete post. When I be back at will. Now you have something worth waiting for, Ha Ha.

Till next time.

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